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AU Impact Consultant

Empowering High Schools: Personalized Workforce Development Solutions

Agape provides tailored consulting services to High Schools, supporting them in building a robust and impactful workforce development programs. We understand that every school's needs are unique. Our personalized approach ensures we address your specific challenges and goals. 

Needs Assessment: 

We collaborate with your school leadership and staff to identify your specific needs and student population's career aspiration.


Customized Solutions:

We craft a comprehensive workforce development program tailored to your school's environment, resources, and student


Implementation support: 

We assist with program implementation, providing guidance on curriculum development, internship placement, and student support services. 


Ongoing Consultation:

We offer ongoing support to ensure your program effectiveness and adapt to the evolving needs of your students and the workforce landscape. 


Internship Consultation

Hi there! At Agape, we help NYC high schools build strong workforce development programs that prepare students for success. We'd love to learn more about your school's needs and how we can be a partner


Complete the form below and then click 'Let's meet' to schedule a virtual meeting with us.

What are your top goals for your internship program? (check all that applies)

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