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Empowering and Bridging the Gap

Born from a desire to support students during the pandemic, Agape Unity Inc. has blossomed into a multifaceted organization empowering youth through various programs.

Our flagship initiative, the paid Job Readiness Program, launched in 2021, offering valuable summer internships to students aged 14-21. With an impressive 84% completion rate in our first year, the program partnered with New York City companies, providing crucial work experience and mentorship.

Recognizing the need for academic support, we established a tutoring program catering to students facing challenges or seeking to excel. Our individualized approach empowers students and parents with the confidence and tools to take control of their studies, leading to demonstrably positive outcomes.

Beyond direct student support, Agape Unity Inc. has expanded its reach by collaborating with New York City high schools, assisting them in restructuring their internship programs.

Invest in potential, all year long and support the work we are doing to make an impact in the community 

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