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What is the Internship Program About

The Job Readiness program is open to at-risk students ages 14-21. Students receive a stipend during the internship program with one of our partnering organizations. 

Because our goal is long-term impact and not only providing an opportunity for students to earn money, each student attends mandatory weekly workshops on Career coaching, Financial Literacy, and Entrepreneurship. Through these workshops, our students learn transferable work skills, the importance of managing their money, and building wealth through ownership! 

Partnering organizations understand the importance of students working in spaces and on projects to receive transferable work skills. So while some interns aren't placed with a company that aligns with their career goals, they are learning transferable work skills such as time management, adaptability, communication, people, and leadership skills. 

Our students are unique, and so is our approach to developing them. We tailor our career coaching for each student based on their bi-weekly evaluations from their supervisors. 

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