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Agape Unity exists to provide educational and job readiness programs to urban youths. We support our youths by equipping them with resources and opportunities they commonly don't have access to.   


Agape exists to empower Urban Youths to reach their full potential and successfully navigate the career of their choice. 

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N. Akita Felix is the CEO and founder of Agape Unity Inc., a leading educational development company that provides resources, training, and programs to Urban Youths. From working in various education sectors, Akita has dedicated her time to improving students' educational and workforce experiences. 


After completing her undergraduate degree in Sociology from Binghamton University, Akita began her career as a classroom teacher in early childhood education. She quickly realized there was more developmental work outside the classroom and started exploring new ways to engage and motivate students. This passion for innovation led her to Program Development, which gave her the runway to curate need-based programs. 


As the CEO of Agape Unity Inc., Akita is committed to transforming how educational resources and workforce development are made accessible in Urban communities. She believes that students in Urban communities have the potential to succeed and that education and resources should be accessible to all. 


In her free time, Akita enjoys weight training, doing sudoku puzzles, and embarking on solo adventures. 

Meet the CEO

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