Open Book

About Us

Agape exists to Build Unity and Confidence in the community through education and community development. Through our Bck 2 Skool Initiative, we've supported families and educators in developing students of color social-emotional competencies. Over the years, students' development and success have been graded based on their academic performance- how well they performed on a standardized test rather than a specific grading tailored to each student. 

However, we believe that students' academic performance isn't the number one way to gauge success. Through our Bck 2 Skool initiative, Agape has stepped into the arena to change the conversation and educate families on social-emotional development and the need to develop students holistically. 


With this being our primary goal, we've curated workshops for parents, educators, and students. In 2021, we also hosted our First Annual Job Readiness Program and did a school supply giveaway (including groceries) for an NYC Public school that serves students with special needs. Through the Job Readiness Program, we've placed 13 students (ages 14-20) on paid internships for 6 weeks at different organizations within New York City. With an 84% completion rate.


Now that we have established a footprint in our community, we hope to grow and expand our services to families who need them but can't afford them. We envision a future where the resources we provide are the norm and the standard of the day- especially in communities of color.  We hope to have our Job Readiness program and our workshops in NYC Public Schools for free by 2023.