It Takes a Village Campaign

We are tired of the system and how it shows up for students and families of color. So we threw our hat in the ring to change the narrative. We've curated free programs and workshops to meet our students' and families' needs. However, we need support from our Village so that the programs and workshops can remain free. Please donate to our annual campaign to raise $50,000. Below is a layout of some of our main programs. There are no donations too small, so thank you.

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Academic Support

"Get advise if you want your plan to work."

Sometimes we've done all we can, and now we need support. Our Academic Support program is created to help students who are struggling academically. However, we do not believe that a child's grades indicate how smart they are. We do believe that a child can perform academically well when they have support to help them properly understand the content based on their learning style. 

This is one of our paid programs. However, scholarships are offered to families who might not be able to afford the services.

Studying on a Computer

Job Readiness 

Closing the employment gap for students of color

We provide paid internships to students of color. We place our students at partnering organizations in NYC to receive entry-level work skills while compensating them.


School Donations

Meeting the tangible needs of our students and families

Sometimes we need to meet the tangible needs of our students. We've partnered with a low-income Department of Education school in NYC to donate school supplies and Christmas gifts to our students. 




Family Based Workshops

Families cannot pour from an empty cup! We believe that they need to be their best to show up for our students. We provide workshops based on annual and mid-year assessments of our families' needs. In the past, we've partnered with New York Association for School Psychologists and HELP USA to support our families. 

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Student Based Workshops

We continuously find ways to engage our students. We create workshops based on an annual and mid-year analysis of our student's needs. In the past, we've facilitated Job Readiness Workshop, Dance Workshops, and Creative Writing Workshops.